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Your Stories

Fleurieu Consult Words at Work

We’re all a priceless piece of history, with our own particular story, our own particular experiences. But our stories can disappear if we haven’t taken steps to capture them.

If you want to leave a truly unique legacy to your family and friends, let us do the job for you.

It’s your chance to tell the detail of your life - where you lived when you were growing up, what your parents did, what school was like, what technology was like, what it was like to live in your town. Or you might just wish to record a single important event in your life.

We can interview you, record you, and deliver Your Stories in multiple formats:
• high-quality video and/or audio recording
• unedited transcript (NB if you want to supply your own recording we can transcribe that too)
• edited transcript (to improve clarity and flow, and get rid of those ums and ahs)
• book, story, article, newsletter – or any other written format you want.

Our service also makes a great gift idea; no doubt your parents, grandparents and best friends have interesting tales to tell too.

Competitive prices for each product - give us a call!

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