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Writing & editing

Writing – If you’ve got all the information but no time, or that blank page has made your mind go blank, we can step in and do all the writing for you. You tell us what you need, what style you need, what your deadline is, and we’ll do the rest.

Proofreading – Spelling mistakes, inconsistencies of style, errant page numbers, incorrect spacing, missing or misplaced hyphens, incorrect punctuation and grammar, formatting errors… We’ll comb through your document, removing those little slip-ups that can turn a professional piece of work into something sloppy and underwhelming.

Copy-editing – Copy-editing is all about flow, content, and consistency; it means we fix poorly constructed sentences, check for factual errors, and cut out the clutter and repetition so your message is clear and unimpeded.

Structural editing – Sometimes copy-editing just isn’t enough: like an overgrown garden, what you really need to do is cut and slash your writing. Replant. Reposition. That’s structural editing; it’s the most comprehensive review you’ll get of a document.
When we do structural edits, we’ll still double check that the full stops are in the right place, but we’ll also be looking at your document as a whole – reshaping, restructuring it, if need be – to make sure the message and meaning are crystal clear.

Too close to your material to see what the problem is? Reluctant to let go of some of your material?
Give it to us and we’ll slim it down, move it around and rejuvenate it, giving back to you a fresher piece of work that flows and reads easily.


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